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What is Undisturbed Birth?

An undisturbed birth is a labor, birth and postpartum period in which there is no disruption to the birthing person's sacred flow of hormones. It preserves their autonomy as a wise individual able to govern their own care and their own decisions. The birthing person's dignity and wisdom are acknowledged and  respected. The caregiver is seen as a partner in their journey, not as a leader in an authoritarian role.

Why Does it Matter?


An undisturbed labor, birth and postpartum process is important in preserving the safety of parent and child. Nature has given us many safeguards to ensure the furthering of our species. Birth is set up to work! The challenge for parents, friends and caregivers is to not get in the way of this natural process. It is possible to be present and prepared in case of emergency, but to do so in a way that preserves the freedom of the birthing person.


Baby receives his first inoculation of beneficial bacteria at birth. It is essential to baby's lifelong health that this inoculation happen in a familiar environment and with the bacteria that are common to its parents. Baby must be exposed to the bacteria of the birth canal and skin among other things at birth. An undisturbed birth and  immediate postpartum preserves the opportunity for this important process.


Birth is a rite of passage for many people in our society. It is essential for a person to be heard `during prenancy,really heard. It is not enough to say that people have choices in birth. People must be fully educated in an unbiased manner and truly feel free to make their own decisions. In the end, care givers need to trust families and work together for best outcomes. An undisturbed birth process leads to a more fulfilling experience and less instances of postpartum depression and anxiety.


In the womb, baby's life moves VERY slowly. Babies move at a much slower pace than the rest of us. Once baby is born, we tend to expect them to adapt to our pace of life rather than the other way around. An undisturbed postpartum allows the parent to move according to baby's pace. After birth they can pick up baby when they're ready rather than have baby thrust upon them. They can welcome baby in quietness and peace without vigorous rubbing or a lot of noise. A slow, quiet birth allows baby to transition without feeling fear or feeling frantic. This way baby is able to focus on its parents and begin the bonding process.


An undisturbed process allows a natural progression from birth to bonding to breastfeeding. When labor, birth and postpartum are undisturbed, most babies will easily find the breast and very little complications with breastfeeding will occur. Keeping the first several weeks postpartum as sacred and undisturbed will also help facilitate this process.

How Do We Protect Undisturbed Birth?

With a keen awareness of the needs of birth families, we do our absolute best to protect nature's normal hormone flow. We spend a great deal of time with our families so that we understand their unique needs and preferences. We delay or eliminate unnecessary chatter, touches, questions and procedures. With us, you truly are in control of your own birth, your own family, your own child.

We do our best to guarantee comfort, safety and close observation so that you can relax into your power. You know best-we're just here to walk with you!



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