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We've taken all of our experience and expertise and put it into 3 fabulous online classes! We are SO excited to share this with you. The information in these classes are guaranteed to be unlike anything you've heard thus far. The information is SO important for all birthing folks (regardless of where they intend to give birth) that we offer discounts when necessary for financial hardship. We want this information to be available to everyone who needs it! Please contact Amy at if you need assistance accessing these films.

For any clients that need subtitles, I've uploaded all of the videos to unlisted YouTube playlists.
This means that these videos can't be discovered on the web, and only people who have the
link to the playlist can view them. Please contact me to pay me directly and receive the links to
the YouTube videos.

Online Classes: Media
Image by Gabriel Tovar
Image by Wesley Tingey
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This 3 part series focuses on an "undisturbed" birth process. Meaning, we discuss how birth works if no one interferes. The main interest is protecting the natural hormone flow of labor as this is what keeps childbirth safe for parent and baby. This information is essential to anyone making informed decisions about their birth care, regardless of planned birth location.


Building on our discussion in "Undisturbed Birth", here we focus on the hormone flow in the immediate postpartum time and up to several months post birth. Protecting this time is THE most important thing we can do to both keep birth safe and insure that family bonds are firmly created.


This course is a complete Childbirth Education Class on it's own. It is recommended that you first watch "Undisturbed Birth" and "Undisturbed Postpartum" as this class does build on the understanding of that information. This class is excellent for anyone planning a hospital, home or unassisted birth but is tailored toward those planning an unmedicated birth.

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