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Amy E. Miller (she/her) is a Certified Professional Midwife and owner of Red House Birth

Care. She began birth work as a doula in 2010 and soon continued as an apprentice midwife until 2017. In 2017 she certified as a CPM and opened Red House Birth Care. Her passion for protecting individual autonomy and her undying curiosity for all things health and wellness related contribute to her commitment to supporting families through an undisturbed birth experience.

Her favorite things are being outdoors, camping, hiking and

riding around in her Jeep. She also loves sharing her life with her husband, 4 (almost) grown kids and 3 cats!​

Andrea Goldstein (she/her) is an Independent Birth Attendant. She supports families through birth in a
variety of ways including birth assisting, doula support, yoni steaming and placenta encapsulation. At Red House Birth Care, Andrea serves as a birth assistant and helps to facilitate a peaceful postpartum through client support for the first few weeks after birth. Andrea lives on a mountainside homestead with her family. She grows veggies, herbs and shares her land with her beloved animals. She enjoys exploring ancient modalities and relevant evidence based practices to support families in the community.


Brandi Cook is a Doula out of Hedgesville, WV. Her passion for life is getting women through their own ideal births smoothly. She completed her doula training through DONA International. During this training she learned ways to support and advocate for families. Her main focus during the birth process is the mother's comfort as well as
encouraging the partner to be involved as much as possible. She looks forward to supporting and meeting with new families and being involved in their stories. Brandi  serves our clients as a birth doula.

Our Team: Our Team
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