Holistic, Complete Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Care


  • regular prenatal visits in my office

  • blood tests and lab work based on need and your own informed consent

  • ultrasound orders if necessary/desired

  • 24/7 on call service

  • in home labor/birth support

  • postpartum care/breastfeeding support up to 6 weeks postpartum

  • water birth if desired

  • birth certificate/newborn screening

  • Servicing MD, PA, WV and VA within 65 miles of Funkstown, MD

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Our prenatal office, a fully stocked apartment, is available for rent to birthing clients. Arriving in labor and staying for up to 3 days, this is a great option for clients over 65 miles from Funkstown, MD or rural clients who prefer a location close to emergency services. The office is a 5 minute drive from Meritus Hospital in Hagerstown, MD.



Turn your baby's placenta into a supportive medicinal supplement! Benefits include:

  • hormone balancing

  • reduced postpartum bleeding

  • decreased incidence of postpartum depression

  • increased energy

  • faster healing

  • supports breast milk production

Your placenta will be processed in my office where I have dedicated appliances to ensure clean encapsulation.We have been trained in blood borne pathogen safety and guarantee the utmost care in safety.

I will arrange pick up of your placenta at the place of birth (within 65 miles of Hagerstown, MD) and return your supplements to you at home as soon as possible after the birth.

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At home or in the hospital, we support your choice to give birth where you feel most comfortable. A birth doula will provide education, options, encouragement and physical presence throughout your journey to childbirth. Our postpartum doula serves your family at home in the days and weeks following birth. A postpartum doula provides newborn care, infant feeding support, light household help and organizational help. The love and care provided by a postpartum doula is an indispensable part of your transition to parenthood.

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Your birth choices are as unique as you are. This is why we offer our services a la carte in addition to offering the traditional global fee. These options include but are not limited to:

  • prenatal visits for free birthing families

  • prenatal consults for families birthing with another provider

  • blood work and ultrasound orders

  • Immediate postpartum assessment and newborn exam for free birthing families

  • in home postpartum visits for free birthing families

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