The Team

I am Amy E. Miller, a Certified Professional Midwife and owner of Red House Birth

Care. I’m a seer and a visionary. One who dreams big dreams. I have more ideas in

a day than some people have in a month. I like to think, I like to imagine, and I like

to share with others who also do. I am a wife, a mother, an artist, a midwife, a doula

and a pretty good cook. My favorite thing to do is to be outdoors, camping, hiking or

riding around in my Jeep.

Like many women, I wear a lot of hats. I have a variety of gifts and I enjoy sharing

those gifts with others. Red House Birth Care is about just that. When you give me

the privilege to walk with you on your childbearing journey, you are allowing me to share my gifts with you. You also allow me the privilege to learn from you and witness your own unique gifts. I really do consider it an honor to help you welcome a new soul into your family.


I have been supporting women in childbirth since 2010. Working in and out of hospital settings, I have served over 400 families. Each MommaBaby team is individual and I've learned from each one. In 2011, I began serving as a home birth assistant. At this time I also started training as a home birth midwife. I completed this training in 2016 and now also serve the community as a Certified Professional Midwife and doula within 65 miles of Hagerstown, MD .


Brandi Cook is a Doula out of Hedgesville, WV. Her passion for life is getting women through their own ideal births smoothly. She completed her doula training through DONA International. During this training she learned ways to support and advocate for families. Her main focus during the birth process is the mother's comfort as well as
encouraging the partner to be involved as much as possible. She looks forward to supporting and meeting with new families and being involved in their stories. Brandi  serves our clients as a birth and postpartum doula.