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What is Undisturbed Birth?

We are eight months into 2018 and I've offered Indie Birth's free workshop on "Undisturbed Birth" several times now. It's been informative and wonderful and has challenged many people to rethink what they think about childbirth (even unmedicated, home birth). However, I'm finding that some people are hesitant to come to this class because the title doesn't make sense to them...what exactly is "Undisturbed Birth?"

When I say "Undisturbed Birth", I mean AUTONOMOUS birth. Not just birth, but pregnancy, labor, birth AND postpartum. This means that the normal, physiological, emotional and spiritual journey for you and your baby are not tampered with. There is no (or very little) disturbance to the flow of hormones that governs labor, birth and postpartum. When this is the case, the body is free to handle the birth process in the safest way possible. The human body has an incredible capacity to heal and care for itself...if only we can get out of the way!

So, "Undisturbed Birth" does not mean that a birthing person is left totally alone (unless they want to be). It means that people attending the birth allow space for the family to walk the path of pregnancy and labor in their own way. It means that birth attendants constantly check themselves before offering "help" or "suggestions". It means that birth attendants observe carefully from a distance, being immediately prepared in case of emergency, but staying out of the way unless needed. It means that you, the birthing family, take responsibility for your well being while your birth attendants walk with you on your journey. We walk WITH the family, not IN FRONT OF the family.

This is where you find your POWER! You move according to your own rhythms in labor, birth your own baby, bring forth your own placenta. Your birth attendant doesn't catch your baby unless you want her to. People have told you for the last century that you can't birth without interference. This is a way of taking it back.

I would love to meet you and inspire you further on this path to discovering what an Undisturbed Birth could look like for you. Please join us at our next free workshop on:

Saturday August 11 1:00 pm-4:00 pm at

The Red House

37 W Baltimore St Funkstown, MD

Please RSVP to 240.643.8768 or redhousebirthcare@gmail.com

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