Placenta Encapsulation

The human body is amazing! A woman can not only conceive a unique human being but can also nourish its development through the placenta grown inside her own body! Even more amazing is that after the birth of the baby and the placenta, this amazing organ can also nourish her as she transitions into motherhood.

Many women are learning about the benefits of "placentophagy" or of "eating placenta." While this may not be common in our society, taking daily supplements is. Through the process of dehydration, your placenta can be ground into a fine powder and put into capsules for easy consumption. I am thrilled to be able to offer this service to the community.

Benefits of placentophagy include:

*hormone balancing

*reduced postpartum bleeding

*decreased incidence of postpartum depression

*increased energy

*faster healing

*supports breast milk production

Your placenta will be processed in my office where I have dedicated appliances to ensure clean encapsulation. As a certified phlebotomist, I have been trained in blood borne pathogen safety and guarantee the utmost care in safety.

I will arrange pick up of your placenta at the place of birth (within 65 miles of Hagerstown, MD) and return your supplements to you at home as soon as possible after the birth. You will receive:

*your encapsulated placenta in size 00 vegan friendly capsules

*a UV protected container for your supplements

*an umbilical cord keepsake

*a hand knit baby hat as my personal "thank you"

Please call me at 240.643.8768 or email at