Our extensive 'Instinctual Birth Workshops" have gone virtual! We had a professional film maker video tape our class and now they are available on Vimeo. These courses focus on pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care. I hesitate to call them “Childbirth Education Classes” as I believe that term says that I’m teaching new material that you don’t know already. YOU ALREADY KNOW how to birth your baby! My job is just to remind you!  My goal is to inspire you to work with your partner to bring comfort during labor, peace during pushing and joy in the birth! After the workshop, I want families to feel confident in trusting their own instincts during birth and beyond.


We do discuss the mechanics of birth. We use charts and

models to understand what the body is doing during this

time–we often fear what we do not understand. During class

we walk through the process of labor phase by phase. During

each phase, we discuss what you might experience and

things you can do to remain peaceful and comfortable.

We also may use art to explore our feelings surrounding birth

and to replace bad or traumatic images with good, confident



We end our workshop with discussions on postpartum care,

newborn care and breastfeeding.

Soon we will be offering group discussion sessions on these videos. Keep an eye on the "upcoming events" page for more details.

Private classes for families with specific needs. Those needs may include but are not limited to: multiple gestations, prior birth trauma or adoptive birth/birth through gestational carrier.


Topics covered include:

  • Undisturbed birth & the labor blueprint

  • The hormones of labor & how to support them

  • The logic & safety of labor & birth

  • Fears, disruptions and moving forward.

  • Policies, protocols & common interventions – what’s a birthing person to do?

  • Who do you need in your birth space?


These courses are perfect for people of all ages, sexes, genders and backgrounds (pregnant or not). They are also excellent for seasoned birth workers or students.

Did I mention these workshops are FREE!?!?!?!? Donation to our Benevolence Fund encouraged but not required!



Pregnancy is a time for nuturing...not only for the baby, but also for the family!

Our FREE Community Gatherings offer the opportunity to spend time nurturing yourself and to nurture other birthing people in your area. It's so important to find a "Tribe" to walk through the early years of parenting with...we'd like to help you find that tribe.

Each Community Gathering will include healthy food (pot luck), time for creativity, time to be outdoors (weather permitting) and the opportunity to listen to your baby's heartbeat either through a private meeting with a midwife or by working together to learn about your beautiful growing babies!

These Community days are not limited to clients of Red House Birth Care...these gatherings don't replace the prenatal care that you may be seeking from other practitioners, this is just a FREE opportunity to supplement the care you are already receiving or to give you a glimpse into the possibilities of midwifery care.

Partners and families are invited as well!

Come ready to receive! Please bring a snack and/or drink to share.

Check the "Upcoming Events" section on the homepage for details.