Doulas offer continuous support and care throughout

childbirth. Throughout labor, a birthing family often

encounters several different caregivers. Nurses often

change shifts and sometimes you may never even

know which doctor or midwife is on call for you. A

doula is your only constant in this situation. A doula

never replaces your partner or spouse but works with

him/her to give you the kind of support that is right

for you.

As a monatrice, I provide doula care but with the added benefit of my training as a midwife. If you and your family are choosing to birth in a hospital setting, you may desire to remain at home as long as possible. Many women find peace in the comfort of home. However, they may want the reassurance during labor that "everything is OK." As a midwife, I am able to monitor your vitals as well as insure that your baby is doing well throughout labor. I do not act as your healthcare provider but rather assist you in knowing when it might be appropriate to move from home to hospital. I can also assist in determining your labor progress and dilation if desired to help you decide when to transfer.


I accept a limited number of doula and monatrice clients each month. As a doula I work with you throughout your pregnancy to inspire confidence and the knowledge that you CAN birth your baby in the environment and way that you choose. I support your choices and aim to help your medical team do that too! I never tell you what to do or what to choose, but I provide you with research, education and knowledge to help you make your own birth plan according to your own desires.

I believe that every woman should have access to the support she needs through pregnancy and birth. For this reason I do not charge a specific amount for my birth support work. I have a unique perspective on finances that I would love to share with you! Please call me so we can discuss your unique needs. I have frequently received payment through bartering and love to do that kind of trading! Don’t let finances stand in the way of the birth you want!


As a client, you receive:


- Two in home consultations to discuss your needs and desires for your birth experience

- Unlimited phone calls, texts or emails throughout pregnancy and six weeks postpartum

- Continuous support during labor, birth and the first hour postpartum

- One in home visit during your first week postpartum

- A handmade gift for baby 


I serve families within 65 miles of Hagerstown, MD and would love the opportunity to walk the path of pregnancy with you. Please call 240.643.8768 or email me at for a free consultation or to discuss details and fees.

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baby, newborn care, breasfeeding, birth


Sometimes called "The Fourth Trimester," the first few months after the birth of a new baby are critical for bonding, healing and establishing breastfeeding.


Once baby is brought earthside, Moms and Dads tend to focus on newborn care and mother care can take a back seat. Sometimes we forget that a healthy momma=a healthy baby. Or if there are several other children in the household to care for, the new mother may find it difficult to have time to focus on the new arrival while keeping her household running smoothly. Laundry, meals and visitors can quickly tire out a new family and the time required for full healing may be extended.


A postpartum doula is a chameleon. She comes to your home ready to fill whatever role is needed. The primary goal is to be of service to the new family in whatever way provides the new parents with as much peace and rest as possible. While this may necessitate newborn care or education, parents are encouraged to step confidently into their new parental role while the doula guides only if requested. Otherwise, she takes care of other household tasks so that the new parents are free to bond with baby and enjoy the new family.

Services provided may include but are not limited to:

  • grocery shopping

  • laundry

  • cleaning

  • playing with older children

  • meal preparation

  • organization

  • newborn care education

  • breastfeeding support

  • a listening ear

  • a smile when the days are long

  • recommendation on sitz bath or healing aids after birth

  • baby wearing support

  • bringing snacks/drinks to the mother

Fees are billed hourly. I offer a variety of packages and payment plans. For details, please call 240.643.8768.

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